Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet My FWBs

Last night the husband and I went to dinner and then to the bowling ally to hang out with some friends who bowl on a league every Thursday night. We had a few pitchers of beer and a lot of laughs. I don't know who won or what anyone scored. I was more interested in taking pictures and socializing. And speaking of pictures, meet some of my FWBs:

From left to right, is Bear, Boots, and Momma Boots. Yes, most of my friends have nic-names. No, I never call any of them by their given names.

Bear and I have been friends for several years now. He is the one person who knows as much about me (if not more) than I do.

Boots and I started hanging out about a year ago, although we have known each other for years as well.

Momma Boots is Boot's mother. She is just as much a part of our group as anyone else is. Coolest. Mom. Ever.

This is my husband of 15 years. They call him Stump. Contrary to what you see here, he does have eyes. I promise. They are usually covered up by some object, including sunglasses, hats, hands, or a SCUBA mask.

He is the mischievous one of the group. If there is something to get into, you can bet he will be the one to find it.

That's me on the left and Kim on the right. Kim is one of the very few of my FWBs who doesn't have a nic-name. I haven't known Kim that long, maybe a year or so. I was introduced to her through Boots. In time, I'm sure we will have one for her though ;)

This girl will keep you laughing all night. Her sense of humor is unreal. She has been a great addition to my FWBs.

On the left is Boots again, Pictured to the right is Kim's dad, Jim. Last night was the first time I met Jim, and I liked him.

Maybe we can talk Kim into bringing him around a bit more. You can never have enough FWBs in my opinion.

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