Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet My Boss!

(I actually work for the Easter Bunny)

Easter came a little early at Swedwood in Danville, Virginia. Yesterday, the managers at the Swedwood plant donned bunny suits and greeted employees throughout the plant, handed out Easter eggs, and then waved their goodbyes as we left for the day. This was in celebration of meeting a ten million dollar goal in March and breaking a previous record. (So, maybe ten million doesn't sound like much to you, but hey, we're a new plant! It's a big deal to us).

How does this fit into the "My Friends With Benefits" theme? Well, I consider some of the people I work with to be great friends (yes, including my floppy-eared boss above). I spend more time with the folks at work than I do with my family during the week, as I am sure you do as well. Some of the people I work with have been there to support me, encourage me, challenge me, and yes, even party with me. To me, those are friends with great benefits.

I'd like to extend a furry hug to all my work friends. Thank you guys for being you. And thank you guys for putting up with me.

Now, before any of you reprimand me on making my workplace public, I have already given this some thought. In the first place, I have not identified anyone shown in the above pictures, although it is apparent that their names could include "Flopsy", "Mopsy", "Cottontail", and "Peter". In the second place, I am not one of those people who live in fear of being stalked, kidnapped, or robbed. What I am is a southern raised Republican female who believes in her right to bear (and discharge) arms, and who does exercise such right. Point number three? I believe that anyone stupid enough to abduct me will no doubt bring me back within fifteen minutes. I can be that annoying. Just ask my friends :)

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  1. Caption:
    Auditions for the cadbury bunny have gotten exstinsive this year. It now included not only out of work animas but people too.