Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know I did. I stayed busy pretty much from the time I got out of work on Thursday at 3:00 until this morning (back to work). I did a lot of shopping, got a little riding in on the hubby's Harley, got to have some fun with friends and family, and did a little too much eating!

I started Saturday off with a little shopping (read: a LOT of shopping) at the Piedmont Mall in Danville. I picked up several pair of shorts, a few tops, a couple of dresses, some shrugs and two pair of ballet flats. I'm not sure which is worse: finding absolutely nothing that you like or that fits, or having everything you pick up fit the bill perfectly. Saturday it seemed as if everything I picked up was meant to be taken home with me. After shopping I stopped in at Starbucks for a Mocha Frapaccino. Delish.
After shopping and Starbucks, I made my way to my friend Boots' house. She was grilling out because it was such a beautiful day. She prepped the chicken, turned on the grill, and the burners just wouldn't ignite. Enter my husband, Stump, to save the day:

He managed to get the grill working again, and Boots was ready to cook... and cook she definately did!
We were joined at this cookout by Bear, Moma Boots, Boots' brother, Jay, Kim, Jim, and Andrea. We had it all: good food, good drink, and great friends sharing a beautiful Saturday.
(Jim, Stump, Jay, and Bear)

(Andrea, Moma Boots, Boots, Kim, and me)
Good eatin'

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our Easter Monday lunch with family. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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