Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of my little indulgences in life is sending notes, cards, and letters by good old fashioned snail-mail. I love the textures and smells of the various papers and inks. I love suprising someone when they open up their mailbox filled with bills and sales flyers to find something personal. In the age of emails, texts, and facebook, we seem to have lost this simple and oh-so-personal means of communication. A sent card says, "I thought about you and think enough of you to take a few minutes out of my day to express that". It says, "You are worth my time". I have also decided to incorporate wax seals to the back of every envelope that I send. I feel that they give my correspondance a classic, romanticised feel. It also says to the receiver, "I think enough of you to take this one step further". There are so many beautifully crafted seals and sealing wax on the market. Finding one that you absolutely adore shouldn't be a problem. Here are some wax sealing kits available at Hobby Lobby for only $12.99. I have this one shown but the wax colors are white, red, gold, black and silver. This was my Christmas present this past year from my friend Sage. :-)

I have my own "Stationery Wardrobe". Just like my clothing wardrobe, my stationery wardrobe includes stationery that is tailored and fitted for every occasion. There is "Everyday" stationery, which is casual and optimally personalized. Here is one of my favorites from These are 28.95 for 24 personalized cards and envelopes. Personalization on envelopes is a little more.

There is formal stationery that can be used for everyday, but is really super-quality and more traditional. Use this for baptism gifts, a note to Aunt Judy, or any other occasion that calls for a more sophisticated look. Again, from, here is a beautiful example of letter sheets and envelopes for $27.95 for 24 sheets and envelopes.

There is also seasonal stationery. These are Sympathy, Christmas, Haunukka, Birthday, Easter cards, etc. These can be found anywhere. I stock a collection of different seasonal cards. Some of my favorites have come from Target for $0.99 and even from the Dollar Tree for 2/$1. These can be anything from whimsical to serious.

With these basic cards always on hand and a sheet of stamps in your stationery drawer, it is really easy to brighten up a friend's day. Don't think that just because this is something that you or your friends have never done that you can't start. You might be suprised how many friends suprise you with the same gesture after you get started.

The one common trait all of us have is the need to feel loved and appreciated. If we want good, long lasting relationships with our friends, then we have to fill that need in one way or another. This is only one of hundreds of ways that I like to do that.

When is the last time you sent out a snail mail to a friend or loved one "just because"?

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