Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tuesday nights are special. On Tuesday nights, my friend Sage and I get together at my house for DVD night. We have watched all of the episodes of "Big Bang Theory", about half of the episodes of "Charmed", and just last night finished up season 2 of "Friends".

It is a given that one of us will click the pause button on the remote at least 4 times before the disc is finished. During these pause breaks, in between running to the kitchen for another glass of wine or a snack, we talk about the characters. It has been decided (by Sage) that I am a combination of all of them. I have to admit that I do see pieces of myself in each of the characters. The problem arises when I add all of the character's main traits together and apply them in an "I am" sentence. It goes something like this:

"I am a self absorbed, nerdy, air head, commitment phobe player with O.C.D.".


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